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8th February 2019

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Year 13 Mock Examinations

Year 13 students will have their mock examinations during the week commencing Monday 25 February, directly as we return from the half term break. These exams are crucial in monitoring and assessing students’ current grades in their A Levels and in helping them to understand how to progress for the summer final examinations. Exam conditions will be as close as possible to the actual A Levels. Please ensure, therefore, that he or she prepares thoroughly for these exams and comes fully equipped with a transparent pencil case, black pens and any other equipment that is required for a specific subject. A water bottle may be brought, but all labels must be removed. There will be no lessons and pupils have permission to revise at home if they do not have an exam on a particular morning or afternoon. Alternatively they may revise in the school library or study room in the main school building, but it is imperative that they sign in and out at reception. Students will receive their results on Wednesday 13th March at break time, in exactly the same way as they will receive their final results in August. 

Please see the attached school internal exam procedures. School exams are an important preparation for the final external exams and we encourage pupils to prepare fully and seriously for them.  We would be grateful for full parental support in this.  Please ensure that you have read and fully understood the exam procedures information prior to the exams.

Performing Arts Timetables

The Performing Arts Timetables are available here.  Please check regularly as times and occasionally days are subject to change.  Timetables are also displayed on the notice boards in the Performing Arts Centre and outside the Prep School Music classroom.  The peripatetic staff do their best to look for clashes with trips, fixtures and talks, but if any of your child's lessons are scheduled for the same time as events of this nature, please inform the relevant peripatetic teacher so that lessons can be rearranged in good time.

Careers Education and Guidance Programme Year 11 and 12

As part of our Careers Education and Guidance Programme all Year 11 and 12 Students will be completing work experience during the week commencing 24 June.  This week you will be emailed a copy of the presentation given at the information evening and the initial application form to start the process.  If your child has completed a careers assessment at the school then a copy of this report will also be emailed.  Please discuss this opportunity with your children over Half-Term and return completed application forms by Monday 25th February.  Please contact me if you have any queries at Ms Read (Head of Careers)

T20 Tutorial Monday 11 February

Our second lecture in this series - on the impact of maths and science on Renaissance art - was delivered this week. It is followed up with a tutorial at 1:30pm in ICTA. 

All students are welcome, even if they missed the lecture.

Call for Parent Volunteers for Network Evening Careers Event: Thursday 7 March from 6.30pm to 8pm

We are holding our annual Network Evening Careers Event for our Year 10 - 13 students.  The aim of the evening is for our students to meet parent volunteers who have (or who have had) a professional role and discuss with them their careers either specifically or in general, how they achieved this career and key advice for the next few years.  This way they will gain further advice and guidance on a wide variety of careers and pathways they may experience, careers that they might not be aware of, the need to be aspirational, to take risks, but also be flexible whilst at the same time developing the skill of networking and their confidence.  Parent volunteers do not have to prepare anything specifically for the evening (though we will ask for a short pen picture of your career that we will share with the students in advance), and it is meant to be an informal event to allow the students and parents to mix and to aid several conversations throughout the evening. 

We are still looking for additional parental volunteers, so please support this event if you can.  The Network Evening supports the in-school PSHEE sessions where Careers is delivered, the use of online resources that help guide our students and works towards the work experience opportunity that the students have in Years 11 and 12.  All parents are therefore welcome to assist and many thanks to those parents who have already committed to supporting this important aspect of our Careers Programme.  If you are able to support this event please email so that we can send you further information.  Many thanks and kindest regards Mr D Leddington - Head of Sixth Form

Parents in the Sports Hall

Please can we remind parents that they are not allowed to move around the Sports Centre unsupervised during school events or the school day.

DocsPlus Training for Parents

DocsPlus is a new software package provided to some of our students to support their studies, but exam access arrangements in particular.  Information on how to access this software was provided to these students before the Christmas break.  I would like to invite you, as parents, to attend an information and training session on February 26 from 4.15p.m until 5.15p.m in Room ICT A, located in the Senior School.  The aim would be to have some "hands-on" time to demonstrate the benefits and features of DocsPlus.  If you have any questions then please do get in touch via I'm looking forward to sharing this super software with you. Min Hancock

When should I learn to touch type? The answer is of course, as soon as possible!

Many of our students use laptops in their daily lessons and many will use them for their exams.  Being able to touch type is an essential skill for these students, but also a fantastic skill for university, work and life in general for everyone.  Contact Susie Pepper on to book a place in one of the two weekly sessions of touch typing tuition running at school.

Digital Parenting Magazine

This week we distributed a copy of the Digital Parenting Magazine to all students.  Please keep an eye out for your copy.  

FoRH7 Quiz Night Saturday 23 March 2019

Please see the attached letter from Lisa Conway on behalf of FoRH7 for this upcoming event.

Sports Notices:

Commercial Dance

Commercial Dance is cancelled on Thursday 14 February due to Prep Parents' Evening.

Senior Sports Assemblies

I am pleased to announce that we have invited a guest speaker for all senior assemblies next week to highlight the benefits of health, fitness, strength and conditioning.  Ricky Ingram is a master fitness coach and progress coach specialising in diets, training and healthy minds.  His passion is passing on his vast knowledge and expertise to students and parents alike.  These assemblies will lead to a variety of 'Master Classes' being organised in March, for both students and parents.  We would like to link these developments to our sports programme and start to develop a more all-around athlete at Radnor House.  Ricky will also be available after the half term holidays to run seminars on Nutrition for parents.  More information will follow from the Director of Sport and Sports Representatives.

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