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Learning Support

Radnor House Sevenoaks has a strong, energetic, and dedicated Learning Support Department. We can make provision for frequently occurring special educational needs without an Education, Health and Care Plan, for instance Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Speech and Language needs, Autism Spectrum Disorders and ADHD. 

We want our students to be independent and to succeed throughout their educational life, so we provide support to both teachers and pupils to ensure that the curriculum is accessible to all pupils admitted to the school. Support is primarily provided by the class teacher in consultation with the SENDco. Additional interventions may be appropriate for some pupils who specific special educational needs. 

Who are we?

Our team is led by a SENDco in both Prep and Senior school.  We have trained teachers specialising in areas such as Maths and English, and specialist Dyslexia tutors. 

How do we deliver additional help?

Support is provided in the classroom by the teacher following strategies recommended by the SENDco.  No additional in-class support is available in the Senior school. Some Teaching Assistant support is provided in Year 3 and the Pre-Prep school. Targeted individual or group work may be provided at times. All strategies and interventions are planned according to individual needs. 

Individual or Group Specialist Tuition

Individual or group tuition is available with our specialist Dyslexia tutors or Maths and English tutor. Sessions are managed within the timetable and in collaboration with the class teacher to ensure targeted support. 

All sessions with specialist tutors are charged at a cost of £35/ hr. For group sessions, the cost would be £20/ hr or £10 / half an hour. 

What does in-class support look like?

Teachers apply the recommended strategies for individual students. For example, lesson notes may be provided, support for written work may be given as writing frames, or tasks may be presented in different forms. Homework may be completed in different formats too. In addition, students are encouraged to use assistive technology when appropriate to support their studies. 


All students are screened in the Senior School in Years 7 and 9 to help with the identification of any learning difficulties and to ensure all students can access the curriculum. In addition, we have in-house specialist assessors who can make a more detailed assessment if needed. Sometimes this leads to an external referral to other professionals such as an Educational Psychologist. Students who join the school outside of normal admission points will be screened using the most appropriate tool. 

Exam Access Arrangements

Some students require exam access arrangements which can include extra time, the use of a Word Processor or support with reading in examinations and tests. 

In the Prep and the Lower School, accommodation for tests and internal exams are implemented at the school’s discretion following advice in an Educational Psychologist report or information relating to a diagnosed learning difficulty. 

In Year 9, all students are screened, regardless of any diagnosed difficulty, to assess any area that may require investigation and to support any application to JCQ for exam access arrangements for external examinations. Applications are made to JCQ early in Year 10. Exam access arrangements are overseen by the SENDco and the Specialist Assessor. 

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