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An outstanding independent school for girls and boys from 2 to 18

  • 04 Jul
    Jul 4 2024 11:58:31 AM

    We are delighted that Radnor House Sevenoaks Pre Prep School has been shortlisted for Independent Pre Prep School of the Year. Independent School Parent magazine says: With a record number of entries received, it has been harder than ever to reach a decision on which schools to shortlist and put f...

  • 04 Jul
    Jul 4 2024 11:54:40 AM

    Mrs Barradell, Director of Performing Arts writes: Year 5 and 6 had the most amazing week on and off stage sharing their love of the performing arts by staging their end of year production. We have watched the whole cohort grow in confidence and enjoy all of the wider learning that has come from th...

  • 04 Jul
    Jul 4 2024 10:28:13 AM

    Year 2 had their first beehive visits with Mrs Granger and Mr Mason. They donned their new bee suits and gloves and watched in awe as Mr Mason showed them the inside of the hives. They saw the bees working busily on the frames and where they store their honey and the pollen they have collected.🐝

  • 04 Jul
    Jul 4 2024 10:22:21 AM

    The Pre Prep children participated in Kapla workshops and created a collaborative masterpiece. We were very impressed by the children's focus and concentration, engagement and creativity. "I loved that we learnt a technique for building the bridge. I also enjoyed free play where we built a...

  • 05 Jul
    Jul 5 2024 12:10:58 PM

    If you're a parent with concerns about summer learning regression, you're probably right. The 'summer slide' is a phenomenon where children can lose some of the academic gains they made during the school year. But worry not, there is plenty you can do at home to minimise the effects...

  • 01 Jul
    Jul 1 2024 4:04:13 PM

    With the long summer holidays ahead of us, many parents will be wondering how to fill the days and keep their children entertained and productive.  The following six ideas might provide some food for thought: Set limits on use of technology – persuasive design and dopamine hits mean...

  • 21 Jun
    Jun 21 2024 2:18:44 PM

    Many readers of this blog know that I’m excited about the benefits of AI so when I started writing my latest missive about character education, I thought I would ask AI to kick things off.  It came up with this little joke: “Why did the brilliant mathematician break up with their...

  • 19 Jun
    Jun 19 2024 9:39:30 AM

    The general election must be having an effect because I’m finding myself increasingly drawn into spurious debates about the merits of one immigration policy over another, or whether the ‘cross-over’ point is actually interesting or a statistical irrelevance.  Westminster...

Radnor House Sevenoaks School

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