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Board of Governance

The Board of Directors of the Radnor House Group is comprised of six members who bring the necessary high level skills to the table, such as a deep knowledge of the educational sector, business and financial expertise as well as commitment to the vision, values and ethos of the Group.  Biographies for each Director can be found here. The Board of Directors are legally responsible for Radnor House School in terms of compliance, inspection, standards and registration. They meet monthly to discuss all aspects of school life. 

In addition to the Board of Directors, a Board of Governance exists for each school in the group. The Board of Governance for Radnor House Sevenoaks includes two members who are parents at the school, each of whom serve on the Board for two years from the time of their appointment.  Usually one parent will have a son or daughter in the lower years of the school and the other parent’s son or daughter will be in the higher years of the school. Other Members of the Board of Governance are invited to join the Board because of their role at the school, such as Deputy Head, Head of the Prep etc.  

The Board of Governance meets termly with the aim of advising the Directors on the effectiveness of the School with regard to meeting its aims and implementing its development plan. Members help Directors to support the Head and the School and also advise in holding it to account. 

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