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How we monitor progress

Assessment at Radnor House Sevenoaks Prep School

How we monitor progress

At Radnor House Sevenoaks we use a rigorous system of academic tracking to ensure you and your child understand how they compare to national averages.  Our bespoke system makes use of teacher judgement plus frequent assessment to arrive at a 'Radnor Level' for English Reading, English Writing and Mathematics.

These Radnor Levels are benchmarked against the national curriculum and details are shared at the end of each term with parents. 

Start of a new year

Early in September all children in the Prep School also complete the following nationally benchmarked assessments which are used to guide our tuition throughout the year:

CAT4 (Cognitive Ability Test)

PIRA (Progress in Reading Assessment)

Baseline Test (Reception only)

The CAT4 test measures your child’s cognitive ability and tests four areas of learning: Verbal Reasoning; Non-Verbal Reasoning; Spatial Awareness; and Quantitative Reasoning. The test indicates the true potential of your child, flagging where hidden factors are affecting performance. It allows us to tailor our approach to your child to enable him or her to reach their full potential.

PIRA measures your child’s ability to decode words along with how they comprehend meaning of words and apply this to the meaning. It also measures phonetic awareness in pupils who may need additional help with their reading. Your child will receive a reading age and a standard age score. This test is repeated at the end of the year to gauge the progress made throughout the year.

The Baseline test is an Early Year’s assessment that assesses your child’s literacy and mathematics skills at the beginning of Reception. The test is then repeated at the end of the year to help inform Early Learning Goals.

If you would like more information, please visit the website:


Throughout the year, pupils are assessed against the core values of Respect, Courage and Perseverance. A report is shared with parents at the end of the term called the ‘Behaviours For Learning’ report where a grade between 4-1 (4 = Exceptional, 3 = Exceeding, 2= Expected and 1= Emerging) is given for each subject. An average indicates how your child is performing against the core values during their lessons.

Radnor Levels

We share a summary of these tests with parents at our parent-teacher consultations in addition to termly reports which are sent home. If throughout the year you would like to know more details of your child’s academic progress, your child’s class teacher is always available.

At the parent consultation, you will receive your child’s standardised score for CAT4 and a reading age and standardised score for the PIRA. One hundred (100) is the mean or mid score for a typical cohort and those scoring 85 and below or 115 and above are within the bottom or top 15% of their respective cohorts nationally. 

Radnor Levels each have three main sub levels; Developing, Expected and Advanced, with '+' used to indicate whether a child is performing towards the top of a particular sub level. 

Each sub level corresponds to a year group, for example 1D+ relates to Year 1 whereas 5A relates to Year 5. We expect a child to progress through the six sub levels throughout the year. However, learning is based on the individual and not all children will have the same expectations. Your child’s class teacher will explain this during your consultation.

Each sub level corresponds to a level descriptor which can be found here at This allows pupils to understand the skills needed to be achieved before they can progress onto the next level. Teachers in the Radnor House Prep School will compare these progress tables to what your child can do, or in some cases is working towards, to arrive at the correct level.  

Our Radnor Levels Progress Tables are derived from the National Curriculum and broadly correspond with what children in the State sector are expected to achieve at different age groups.           

Progress throughout the year

Throughout the Year, teachers will use their own judgements and the test results to reach a level for your child. We all know that children grow and develop rapidly during Prep School so we expect the national average to equate to a Developing (D) (standard at the beginning of the year) and by the end of the year it should equal an Advanced+ (A+).  If your child is two sub levels ahead or behind this, their performance would correspond with the top or bottom 15% percentage of the national average, as explained above. 

Each term, progress meetings are held, and every pupil’s progress is discussed with a team of teachers with varying roles. This allows an open discussion on how best to support pupils who may need extra help and interventions are then put in place. Parents will always be notified of any intervention their child may receive at school.

At the end of each term report cards are sent to parents detailing your child’s Radnor Levels.

End of the year

At the end of the summer term Parents will receive their child's final report which includes a final Radnor Level in English Reading, English Writing and Mathematics. 

Example of a Report Card

In most cases this will indicate that their child have progressed from 'Developing' to 'Advanced' or 'Advanced+'.  This is normal and we expect this type of progress for most children.  

Some children may make more or less progress and if you would like to discuss your child's academic progress then please contact their class teacher.  

Contact us with questions

We know this can be a complex system and if you would like more details please contact one of the team who will be more than happy to explain it to you in more detail.

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