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The curriculum in the Prep is rich, engaging and hugely varied. Pupils are expected to make excellent progress. Teachers are passionate educators who believe in the importance of differentiation, assessment for learning and traditional teaching techniques to get the very best out of each child.

We recognise the importance of maintaining the highest standards but never lose sight of the individual needs of every child in our care. Academic rigour is at the heart of what we do, but we never forget that there is more to childhood and learning than exams.

We successfully prepare our pupils for senior school while also place a strong emphasis on providing a full and exciting curriculum. This includes creativity in all its forms; genuine intellectual challenges (not just skills to pass exams or complete course work), physical development, teamwork and leadership skills, moral, social, cultural and spiritual development, service to the community and to the world at large.

We believe that parent engagement with the curriculum and their child's learning is incredibly important. Throughout term, we invite our parents into school to see lessons that are being taught in Maths, Phonics, Computing and Science. 

Beyond The Classroom

Rather than operating the more typical 'Gifted and Talented' provision delivered in many other schools to target higher-attaining and/or highly engaged pupils, we believe that all pupils should be stretched and encouraged to learn beyond the classroom.

For each subject, we recommend activities that pupils can take part in to enhance their learning and quench their thirst for knowledge.  These are activities that can involve READING, WATCHING, VISITING, TAKING PART or MAKING and which will develop their ability in each subject.

The subjects below are delivered throughout all years of the Prep School.

"I attended Mr Woodward's Maths workshop for Prep parents (with 13 others) and wanted to let you know how impressed I am with him. His natural energy and enthusiasm for Maths shines through. Just what our children need. I truly think that Maths with Mr Woodward is exciting and engaging. I don’t even like Maths. If any of that rubs off on our children we are very lucky."

Prep school parent

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