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The Time Rainbow by Lisamarie Lamb

Our story begins when four Radnor House Prep School children are told a startling secret about their school and the building it’s housed in. The building is Combe Bank House, and the land on which it stands which have a long history spanning almost 1,000 years. The secret is a time machine, and her name is Harman.

As Clara, Rachael, Ed, and Pascal travel along the time rainbow with Harman, they encounter famous historical figures and meet previous owners of Combe Bank House, from King Harold to the familiar faces of their own teachers.

With help from a mysterious man named Dan and his mischievous dog Ralph, the children battle soldiers, come face to face with ghosts, fight fires, and much more. As their exciting adventures bring them ever closer to the present, they learn to appreciate Combe Bank House’s magic and its unique role in their lives.

Are you ready to join them?

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