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Pastoral Care

The welfare of our pupils is paramount.  We want everyone to be happy at school and to be able to enjoy their education. Our community of teachers and support staff work hard to ensure that pupils are catered for as individuals; feeling welcomed, supported and valued. 

Our staff, our parents and our visitors should also feel this way.  Our priority is to create a secure, happy and active learning environment where everyone is accepted for who they are, celebrated for what they are good at, challenged and supported to grow in areas of weakness. 

Our small class sizes, wide ranging co-curricular opportunities, and values-based ethos support our outstanding pastoral care provision.  Staff work in partnership with families to provide opportunities for pupils and to maintain the structures and environment for pupils to achieve their best, developing fulfilled, successful and happy children who leave Radnor House Sevenoaks as young adults confident in their ability.

“The school actively promotes values of democracy, respect and tolerance of other people” ISI Report 2022

Our Values

Fundamental to all interactions in our community is a core set of values: Excellence, Perseverance, Respect, Courage.  These values guide pupils, teachers and parents to aspire to the highest possible standards in all aspects of their lives.


Support and guidance are provided by all of the staff at school and pupils should feel that they can talk to anyone at any time about a problem they may have.  The class teacher in the Prep School and Form Tutor in the Senior School are considered the first point of contact for pupils, staff and parents.

Other pastoral leaders - Deputy Heads, Heads of School, Head of Student Support, School Counsellor - will also play a major role in the pastoral support and development of the pupils, but all adults in the school community have a pastoral responsibility and can be approached.  We offer support for any pupil who wishes to discuss anxieties or concerns on a confidential basis.

Vertical Tutoring

Our Vertical Tutoring system for Years 7 to 11 brings many benefits in building an empathetic culture of learning.  Tutor groups are made up of pupils across different year groups and members of staff who come together regularly as a 'family'.  Vertical tutoring provides a friendlier, more cohesive social environment. 

House System

Upon joining the school, pupils and staff are placed in one of our four houses: Hever Hawks, Penshurst Falcons, Lullingstone Kites and Eynsford Eagles.  They remain in their house as they move through the school.  The houses compete in various inter-house sports, cultural competitions and work together to raise money for their home charities.

Rewards and Sanctions

We have a system of rewards and sanctions in place to encourage a pupil to demonstrate our core values of Respect, Perseverance, Courage and Excellence and to enable them to achieve their full potential.

In the Prep School, we strongly believe in rewarding pupil's efforts and success.  We operate a Class Dojo points system from Reception to Year 6 and pupils are recognised in weekly Celebration Assemblies.  Points contribute to House point totals: the house with the most points at the end of the academic year is awarded the House Cup.

On the rare occasion that pupils do not follow the rules, or their behaviour falls short of our expectations for respect, there is a system of sanctions in place to help them learn from any mistakes.

Senior School pupils are all expected to maintain high standards of behaviour and respect in all lessons and break time activities.  They are given myriad opportunities to find success and be celebrated, whether in a club, the classroom or sporting field.  At the beginning of every academic year, all pupils and their parents are asked to sign a Behaviour Agreement to show their support for the school's behaviour policy and their commitment to following it.


To supplement the excellent pastoral support pupils receive, the school also employs a counsellor two days a week.  Liz Yonge provides another avenue for pupils to discuss any worries or issues that they would rather not discuss with a member of teaching staff.

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