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Physical Education: Beyond the Classroom

Physical Education is an exciting, energised and dynamic subject. You can stretch and develop your abilities both physically and mentally in a wide range of activities. Improving of skills and fitness in PE can be progressed through participating, coaching and officiating.

A PE student needs to look to perform advance skills and be adaptable in challenging situations. They will test their bodies to limits meeting fitness demands, and have a strong understanding of how to improve their own and others performances.


  • Newspapers for sports reviews, news and results
  • Sports biographies e.g. Andy Murray: Seven-Seven, Jessica Ennis: Unbelievable
  • Fitness and health books


  • Sports events- e.g. Wimbledon, Premier Football matches, Indoor Hockey Finals.
  • Local sports clubs, leisure centres- development of skills and fitness


  • Sports events on TV or live at stadiums
  • Highlights and analysis programmes e.g. match of the day

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  • National Governing Bodies for chosen activities e.g. Football Association or England Netball
  • Local sports clubs - find details of training, facilities, coaching and fixtures/events.

Make & Do

  • Complete skills and fitness drills at home e.g. regularly go out for a jog or hit a tennis ball against a flat wall, circuit training.
  • Regularly attend local club to help assist improvement in skills, fitness and tactics.

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