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MFL: Beyond the Classroom

Communicating in a Foreign Language opens many doors both in your potential career and in your personal life.

The best and most exciting experiences when learning a foreign language happen outside the classroom when you really engage with the culture and the people of the language you have chosen to study.


Anything and everything you can in the target language! There are plenty of books in the school library and your teacher will be able to help you select something suitable for your level.


Take every opportunity to visit exhibitions featuring the work of artists and writers of the target language. Your teacher will make you aware of them.


Every half term you will be invited to a Spanish/French film evening. The idea is to open a window on the target language society and culture through the films. Attend our sessions in a relaxed environment with your friends and enjoy some popcorns and snacks.

Spanish films:

• Zipi y Zape y el club the la canica

French films:

  • le Petit Prince
  • le petit Nicolas
  • Les Choristes
  • Belle et Sébastien

Click On

Keep up to date with the latest news on the following websites:

Refresh your vocabulary and your grammar on the following websites and apps:


Having a foreign pen pal will not only improve your written and spoken communication skills but give you the opportunity to make new friends and learn more about the way of life in a foreign country.Click on the link below to see how you could find a pen pal in a safe way:

Make & Do

  • Explore Spain/France via the internet. Every week you would be able to research on-line following the photo prompt provided by your teacher. In your EPP book you will have to translate 5 key words which enable you to understand a bit more about the rich target language and Culture. These photos cover different aspects of the target language society such as dance, music, monuments, food, animals or Nature.
  • Cooking. Every half term you will have the opportunity of cooking a Spanish/French meal. Make the most of having native teachers and enjoy cooking and eating real European dishes. You will be able to impress your guests with your Tapas and desserts!
  • Listening to Spanish/ French radio, podcasts or news is invaluable for improving listening skills as well as discovering authentic music and materials from countries where these languages are spoken. 

News in slow Spanish/French : theses are great websites where you can listen to a round-up of the latest news stories in Spanish or French as well as having the transcript available for you to read as you listen

News in Slow: Spanish

News in Slow: French

French/Spanish Radio

Click the links below for a comprehensive list of radio stations in French/Spanish you can listen to online:

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