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History: Beyond the Classroom

History and Politics are fascinating subjects, encompassing vast numbers of different societies, countries and time periods, and stretching far beyond what can ever be covered within the classroom alone.

If you enjoy History/Politics, and particularly if you think you would like to study either subject at a high level (or a related subject e.g. International Relations, Archaeology, Sociology, etc.), universities want to see genuine love and knowledge for your chosen subject, and so extending your awareness into new historical areas is critical.

If you would like to have a discussion about anything you choose to pursue from the list below, Mr White will be delighted to have a chat, or to give general advice on pieces of work. Remember, though, this is your opportunity to take your studies into new and exciting directions and so this work will not be formally set, assessed or marked.


  • Both the History department and the library have a wide range of historical novels and non-fiction titles for you to choose from. Speak to Mr White for guidance on age and topic- appropriate titles.
  • Visit your local library, where the librarians will be extremely knowledgeable on their historical and political sections.
  • Buying your own books needn’t cost the earth: Amazon has a ‘used’ section, and Abe Books have an extensive range of second-hand titles.


  • History Today magazine, a monthly magazine on a wide array of historical and archaeological topics, available from newsagents.
  • The Week magazine, useful summary and comment on the most important news topics each week.
  • The Economist, weekly current affairs and business magazine.
  • Current Archaeology magazine.
  • British Archaeology magazine.


  • University of London Debate Chamber, offers summer schools in History, Politics and Economics .
  • Geffrye Museum, offers free historical ‘creative’ days for pupils of ALL ages.
  • Oxford Summer Courses, runs courses for pupils interested in learning more about History with a view to University preparation
  • Cambridge Summer School, runs summer schools in History on a variety of period-specific themes.
  • The Frontline Club, a journalism and current affairs-related members club in London that runs film screenings, talks and debates on lots of real-world political issues. 


The BBC have an excellent range of History documentaries available to watch for free on BBC iPlayer 

Click On

Young Archaeologists Club, members receive newsletters, competition opportunities and information about volunteering on archaeological digs. 


If you love to study History you might like to join the Historical Association, which offers a student membership for only £28 a year.

Make and Do

Volunteering for an organisation or event that relates directly to History/Politics is an excellent way to show your subject passion, and is also a good way to meet people with similar enthusiasms, and to learn more.

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