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A Level Physics has been developed for students who wish to continue with a study of Physics after GCSE.

For an introduction to A level Physics click here

It is a subject that is highly valued by a diverse range of employers because of its mathematical and problem solving nature. All topic teaching is supported by a programme of practical work.

Course Structure (Year One)

  • Working as a Physicist                   
  • Mechanics                                       
  • Electric Circuits
  • Materials                
  • Waves and Particle Nature of Light

How are you assessed?

Two externally marked papers, each 1 hour 30 mins long and both worth 80 marks.

Course Structure (Year Two)

  • Working as a Physicist 
  • Further Mechanics
  • Electric and magnetic fields
  • Nuclear and Particle Physics               
  • Waves and Particle Nature of Light                                       
  • Thermodynamics
  • Space   
  • Nuclear Radiation
  • Gravitational Fields
  • Oscillations

How are you assessed?

Three externally marked papers. Two papers are 1 hour 45 mins long and are worth 90 marks each. The third paper is worth 120 marks and is 2 hours 30 mins long. It tests all the students’ knowledge including their understanding of practical skills and techniques


Students wishing to study Physics at A level should have achieved a minimum of Grade 7 in GCSE Physics and Maths.

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