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Drama & Theatre

The aims of this course are to promote an enjoyment of and an interest in drama and theatre, both as a participant and as an informed member of an audience. The course should extend the skills, knowledge and understanding needed to communicate through drama and theatre.

Trips and Visits

An essential part of the curriculum is that pupils who study Drama and Theatre see Drama! We organise a vast array of theatre visits and backstage tours, so that students can experience theatre first hand. Visits include both musicals and plays mostly in London’s West End.

Prospective A level Drama and Theatre students must have an active interest in the theatre and performing arts and make regular trips to the theatre in addition to trips organised by the department.

Skills required

It is important that you are interested in gaining a greater understanding of how theatre and plays work and that you are confident to perform on stage as a group as well as individually. English Language and English Literature GCSE at Grade 6 or above is a requirement.

A level Drama and Theatre

At A level, students have five lessons per week and develop their acting ability before moving on to undergraduate level at university. The aims of the course are to:

  • Promote an enjoyment of and an interest in Drama and Theatre, both as a participant and as an informed member of the audience
  • Extend the skills, knowledge and understanding needed to communicate through Drama and Theatre

Method of Assessment 

  • Component 1: Theatre Workshop (20% of A level)

You will be assessed on either your acting or design in developing and performing a piece of theatre based on a ‘reinterpretation’ of an extract from an existing play.
You will be marked on how successfully your theatre piece uses the techniques & working methods of a theatre company or practitioner.

  • Component 2: Text in Action (40% of A level)

You will rehearse and perform two pieces of theatre based around a stimulus given by the exam board:

  1. A devised piece using the techniques of a different practitioner or company (from Component 1)
  2. An extract from a text in a different style from the devised piece, chosen by you.
  • Component 3: Text in Performance (40% of A level)

Written exam: 2 1/2 hours

Exam - Sections A & B.  Two questions, based on two different texts; one pre-1956 and the other post-1956.

Question focus alters each year. The questions will require you to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the plays from a directorial, design and acting perspective, along with explaining your interpretation for the play and how you will make the play relevant for a contemporary audience.One question will require you to analyse and evaluate your own live theatre experiences in response to how you will perform, direct or design a version of the play.

Exam –Section C

A question based on a specific extract from the play ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time’. This question will require you to present your directorial interpretation of a production of the given extract. It will focus on design and staging elements. 

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