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Modern Foreign Languages

Studying a Modern Languages in the Sixth Form gives you the opportunity to truly advance the linguistic skills you gained at GCSE. The value of being able to offer a foreign language cannot be over-estimated, both when applying to University and to future employers.

The A level course allows you to explore the current affairs and issues relating to the country chosen, whilst communicating in the target language. Spending time abroad during the course to increase your knowledge and understanding of your chosen language is naturally an advantage.

Many of the tasks you will tackle during the course will be of a practical nature, designed to increase your fluency and allowing you to express your own views both orally and on paper. You will also have the opportunity to research an aspect of the target language culture that is of personal interest in the Unit 4 paper.

Method of Assessment: French

In the first year students explore the following general topic areas: family, social media, voluntary work, French music and cinema.

In the second year students explore issues around multi-cultural society (including racism, exclusion, criminality and immigration) and young people’s participation in politics.

Method of Assessment: Spanish

In the first year students explore the following general topic areas: family, social media, women’s rights, Spanish music and cinema.

In the second year, students study immigration, racism, young people's participation in politics, monarchy and dictatorship.


Studying a language in the Sixth Form broadens your horizons and provides the gateway to studying languages as either a main degree or as a subsidiary subject at university. Such courses almost always offer a year abroad during which you can really perfect your language skills.

With the United Kingdom trading with an enlarged EU and the development of Latin America, industry and commerce are increasingly keen to recruit applicants who are linguistically proficient. Our competitors in Europe can all communicate in their own language and English; we cannot afford to be mono-lingual!


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