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Physical Education

Radnor House Sevenoaks PE department delivers A level Physical Education and a broad range of co-curricular activities and clubs.

The course provides a thorough introduction to aspects of anatomy and physiology, skill acquisition, sport and society, exercise physiology, biomechanics, sports psychology, technology within sport and practical activity. It extends many theories and ideas introduced in GCSE Physical Education Courses.

The course will appeal to those students who:

  • Have a keen interest in sport and recreation
  • Want to follow a course that develops the theoretical aspects through practical involvement
  • Have an enquiring mind and are interested in sport throughout the world
  • Want to know more about how the body functions and the effects of exercise
  • Want to evaluate and improve their own sporting performance
  • Want to study a course that is active and that they will enjoy
  • May want to move onto a related career or higher education course

What skills will I learn on this course?

The specifications will encourage candidates to become increasingly physically competent by:

  • developing the skills and techniques they require to perform effectively in physical activities
  • applying and adapting a wide range of skills and techniques effectively in different types of physical activity;
  • developing and applying their skills within physical activities;

Course Overview

Component 1: 35%

Factors affecting participation in physical activity and sport

  1. Applied anatomy and physiology
  2. Skill acquisition
  3. Sport and society

Written Paper: 2 hour written paper, 105 marks. Combination of multiple choice, short answer and extended writing questions

Component 2: 35%

Factors affecting optimal performance in physical activity and sport

  1. Exercise physiology and biomechanics
  2. Sports psychology
  3. Sport and society and technology in sport

Written Paper: 2 hour written paper, 105 marks. Combination of multiple choice, short answer and extended writing questions

Component 3: 30%

15% - written or verbal analysis and evaluation of either their own or the performance of another

15% - practical performance as performer or coach in one activity

NEA: 90 marks, internal assessment, external moderation


Students with A level PE have access to a wide range of possible career and higher education opportunities. You learn and use a variety of transferable skills throughout the course. These include collecting, analysing and interpreting data, communicating your findings in different ways, and identifying and developing the links between different parts of the subject. These skills are in great demand by employers, universities and colleges.

Physical education combines with a range of advanced subjects. It supports applications for a wide range of university courses like sports sciences, physiotherapy, recreation and leisure studies and there are many new and exciting courses related to sport throughout Higher Education.

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