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At the Prep School, our aim is to encourage the pupils to explore and marvel at the world around them, while at the same time learning scientific skills. They learn to observe and describe, to measure and record, to analyse data and draw conclusions from it, to solve problems and to design their own experiments.

Our pupils go out on science-based trips and from time to time 'Science' comes to the school in the form of an educational visit by, for instance, a planetarium.

Practical activities form a large part of our Science lessons and we are fortunate to have the grounds of the school to use where this is appropriate.

Thinking skills are considered very important and we look at developing these right through the Prep School using fun activities and starters to engage children and encourage them to use the skills across the curriculum.

Pupils generally work in groups for both practical and discussion activities and then the recording of experimental work is done on an individual basis.

Puppets are sometimes used to capture our pupils' interest, stimulate their thinking about science, challenge their ideas and model learning conversations.

Science curriculum is delivered in classrooms and the outdoor environment in the Prep School. It is further enhanced in Years 5 & 6 through the use of the adjacent Senior School Science Laboratories where pupils are taught by the Senior School's specialist Science Teachers.

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