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Maths at the Prep School shows a clear progression from EYFS through to Year 6. Pupils are taught key skills at an appropriate level to create a secure understanding of all topics, with a particular emphasis on number. The common theme throughout the school is that 'Maths is for everyone'.

The children in the Prep School are taught the National Curriculum through the White Rose Scheme of Learning which promotes the teaching of 'Small Steps' to secure their understanding. 

Through investigations and problem solving tasks, all children have the opportunity to extend their learning and understanding through the promotion of reasoning and explaining their learning. This is an important aspect of the curriculum as it encourages children to show their understanding of each unit of work that they cover.


To compliment the work that children complete in school, the use of Diagnostic Questions - a program which promotes reasoning and problem solving - is used to further enhance key skills and concepts.


Attached to this page is a copy of the Curriculum Overview which shows when each unit of work is covered. All year groups begin with a unit on place value to gain a firm grasp of number which can then be used and applied across all other areas of the curriculum. As well as this, a copy of the school's calculation policy can be found here which highlights the progression of skills for all four operations from Year 1 through to Year 6, making sure that children are confident in the approaches to calculating and forming a secure understanding of these skills. 


These approaches are passed onto parents regularly with seminars delivered to those who would like extra support with their children at home. We also encourage the involvement of parents in our maths curriculum by setting challenges, not only for children, but for parents too. The Prep School regularly take part in a Barvember challenge each year where children and parents are encouraged to solve problems using the bar modelling method, popularised by the Singapore style of teaching.


At Radnor House, we believe that Maths is for everyone and our teaching reflects this. Everyone is able to access the curriculum and make excellent progress. Children are ready to progress to the Senior School with the skills that have been embedded.



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