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Computing is a fun and exciting subject to study at Radnor House Sevenoaks School. 

The computing curriculum in Radnor House Prep School is rich, engaging and hugely varied.  

Computing at Radnor House affords our children the opportunity to develop skills across what we believe are the three main strands of Computing and is line with our Senior School curriculum: Computer Science (CS), Computer Design Technology (CDT) and Information Technology (IT).   The curriculum is a project-based, skilled progression, cross-curricular, practical fun and engaging qualification that is delivered from Year 1 to Year 6.  

Computers are an intrinsic part of our everyday lives and computing is a very popular subject throughout the Prep School. With weekly lessons, pupils have the opportunity to explore different areas within computing; this enables them to develop their computational thinking and problem-solving skills through coding programmes, wireless robotic kits and specialist software.  In addition, the curriculum at Radnor House Sevenoaks Prep School covers digital art and graphics, animation, multi-media presentations, film making, website design and touch typing. The progression and continuity of skills is developed in these lessons, through purposeful cross-curricular opportunities.   

Beyond the classroom, pupils use online resources and Microsoft® Office applications to collaborate and support learning in school.  There are opportunities for pupils to further develop their computing skills through a variety of clubs.   

 The pupils are taught by a specialist Computing teacher.  Computer equipment is regularly updated to provide an efficient working platform, using core programmes and subject-specific software.  The specialist teacher is skilled in this subject area to deliver lessons; our pupils are encouraged to believe in their ability to master computing and are empowered to succeed through curiosity, tinkering and perseverance. Concepts are developed in logical steps with particular attention given to fundamental concepts. Pupils are given the time and opportunity to fully understand, explore and apply skills and ideas in different ways, in different situations and in different subjects.  This enables all children to fully grasp a concept and understand the relevance of their learning before moving to the next stage. 

We are aware of the need for 'safe use of the computer' and a digital safety awareness is embedded in the curriculum to ensure pupils receive an ongoing, relevant and thorough understanding of safe computer use. Radnor House fully support Safer Internet Day each year and participate in a special assembly and activities based on the theme.  Parents are also invited to attend ‘Online Digital Safety Sessions’ delivered by specialists, in this important area of child safety. 

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