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Computer Science is a fun and exciting subject to study at Radnor House Sevenoaks School.

We believe that Computer Science is a tool for learning and communication. We aim to incorporate Computer Science and digital literacy into all areas of study and teaching extends to and from the classroom across the school curriculum.

The pupils in the Prep School are provided with direct access to the computer suite to research, share and present information in a variety of forms through class work and individual opportunities.

Computer Science is a popular, though channelled, activity in the Nursery, with focused access in the computer suite commencing for children in Reception up to Year 6. Word processing, touch typing skills, data processing, desktop publishing, PowerPoint presentation, web page design, coding and robotics are all incorporated into daily activities in the ICT suite.

Interactive touch screens are an integral part of teaching in the Prep School and are used in all classrooms from Reception to Year 6. Pupils are encouraged to participate in their learning by interacting with the touch screens to develop the learning process.

Photographs of events and individual achievements are stored in our online gallery of photographs, which the pupils and staff are able to use for their own projects. Digital photography provides the school with a record of our daily achievements and the many events held throughout the year.

We are aware of the need for 'safe use of the computer' and through awareness in class and the delivery of an ‘Online Protection Programme’, we continue to inform the pupils to keep them 'safe'. Parents are also invited to attend ‘Child Protection Online Information Sessions’ delivered by specialists, in this important area of child safety.

The pupils are taught by computer science specialists, supported by a classroom assistant and network manager. Computer equipment is regularly updated to provide an efficient working platform, using core programmes and subject-specific software.



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