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Year 5 Trip to London

Mrs Barnes, Year 5 teacher writes:

On Friday 13th October, the Year 5 children, accompanied by their teachers and Dr Margrett, travelled to London to attend a production of Shakespeare’s 'The Tempest' at the Unicorn Theatre. This theatre specialises in productions of famous works, especially modified for children. The production we viewed was fantastic. The actors were full of energy and brought this famous play to life through their speech, songs, fantastic set and costumes. This was an interactive production, with the children invited to participate in saying words and participating in songs. In addition, the members of the cast frequently moved amongst the audience!

In the afternoon, we enjoyed a visit to the Golden Hinde, the replica of Sir Francis Drake’s Elizabethan Galleon, which circumnavigated the world starting in November 1577. The children enjoyed a workshop on the ship, where they learned about the journey route and day to day life on the ship at the time.

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