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Year 2 Park Farm Visit

Mrs Lovell, Year 2 Teacher writes:

Wow! What a fantastic day we all had at Park Farm! It was such a wonderful experience meeting all the Jersey calves and cows; the youngest of which was 3 days old! We saw the different types of food that the cows eat and how the farm is helping nature by having hedgerows and hedges alongside the fields and areas which are not planted so the insects and wildlife have somewhere to live. We also found out how the waste products from Westerham Brewery, hops and wastewater are used on the farm to make it more environmentally friendly and sustainable. The cows love the leftover hops, but we didn’t think it smelt that nice.

On our tractor and trailer ride, we enjoyed seeing some of the 800 acres of farmland. We looked at the ears of wheat and what it the grains look like once they have come out and how it looks once it is rolled up for storage. In one of the fields, they had planted clovers which also makes good animal food.

After lunch, we learnt about the process of pasteurising milk and got to sample some. We decided it was much creamier than what we have at home. Then we measured out all the ingredients needed to make 5 litres of ice cream. We found there was a lot of sugar but that did not put us off trying some! We were lucky enough to have the option to try up to four flavours of ice cream: strawberry, cherry ripple, chocolate, and blue banana. To finish our day, we were able to watch the milking process from start to finish and see how the milk gets from the cow to our milk cartons. Thank you Park Farm, it was a super day and we learnt a lot! 

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