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Sporting Superstars

Our penultimate week of sport before the half term was soggy yet successful across the years and sporting events! Well done to all. 


Boys U14A against Lingfield College A superb game with the defence keeping their shape throughout. The midfield dominance by Archie, Theo and Jack led to some outstanding finishes by our strikers. Well done boys!

Wednesday exhibited the excellent play and teamwork of the boys U10A team who won 7-1 against Fosse Bank.

A strong performance from Radnor with some great individual goals being scored by Louis 3, Coby 2, Liam 1 and Ben 1 in the match against Solefield School. Man of the match went to Connor for his excellent defensive work rate and passing.


Our 1st U18s team played against Beechwood Sacred Heart, winning a massive 31-5! An excellent match for all of the team, passing with pace and skill. Great shooting from Eleanor and Katie and some exceptional courage from Chloe who played on with an injury so as to not to let the team down. Brilliant work Team!

U15s team won 12-8 against Bennett Memorial, an excellent win for the team with lovely passing and some great intercepting! Well done to all especially pupils stepping into cover.

U10C won 5-0 against The Schools at Somerhill in a brilliant game on Wednesday. 

An exciting second match for Y3 in the U8s game against Sevenoaks Prep school. They won the match (5-3!) in the last quarter with some really exciting play and superb shooting. Amazing, well done girls!

Cross country

The Boys cross country teams performed brilliantly at Somerhill on Thursday. Some truly courageous performances and an outstanding win by Jack. Showing impressive sportsmanship yet again!

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