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A half term that exemplified true Radnorian values

If we, as a school community, had been told at the beginning of the Spring term that by half way through the Summer term, we would have spent 2 months learning exclusively through online means, it would have been hard to imagine.

Now, reflecting back this on half term, it is amazing to think about how this daunting task was risen to by all pupils, parents, and staff so excellently. In every person involved with our school, every Radnorian value has been shown to the highest degree and there has been much to celebrate.

Thanks for all that you do and thanks for making learning exciting and fun. 8 weeks apart and we still feel just as close. It’s been really nice seeing the teachers and what the children get up to.


The successful transition from in classroom learning to interactions exclusively through screens was all down to the courage shown by teachers and pupils to try something new and the perseverance to continue their education in these unprecedented times along with the ongoing support of brilliant parents. 

The respect and friendship shown on our online platform for lessons and pupil interaction has been moving. Students have been incredibly polite and have been giving their peers and teachers immense praise in lessons and interactions in organised play.

For our charities, we have continued to raise money through the incredible bake off, sponsored chores and exercise alongside emotional support through writing letters to our charity sites and sent donations to support them through this time.

Our teachers have created a multitude of creative ways to continue their excellent teaching. Students in our Senior school have been able to practice their Spanish by communicating with a school in Spain over MicrosoftTeams, Prep School students have been on virtual school trips and a residential, along with weekly lunchtime music concerts and sports fixtures against other schools in the area.

There has been an outstanding amount of reasons to be proud of all at Radnor House Sevenoaks. The creative, resilient and supportive nature of our school community is truly outstanding and we cannot wait to be reunited.

Wishing everyone an enjoyable May half term and we look forward to welcoming pupils in Nursery, Transition, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 back to school.

I am very grateful that my children attend Radnor. The quality (and quantity) of learning they have been provided during lockdown has been phenomenal. Yet I still feel they are very supported and cared for by their teachers.

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