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Now is the time to ensure your child’s school is future-proof

Two threads of news have been grabbing my attention recently amid the coronavirus pandemic.  Namely, the damaging consequences of ongoing school closures and the risk of permanent closure facing some independent schools.  Now, more than ever, parents need to feel confident that their school can guarantee the continued education of their children.

Independent school professional associations have stated that spiralling costs of pension schemes, poor management and falling pupil enrolment have caused financial challenges to many schools even prior to coronavirus.  Fee reductions and the continued loss of pupils, especially those from overseas, in these times will cause more schools to close.

What are the indicators that an independent school is equipped to provide an excellent service under exceptional conditions?

Schools that have control of their finances and have seen a growth in pupil numbers are likely to have entered lockdown in a strong position.  Continued investment and resourcing during lockdown are evidence of financial security.  Additionally, schools that have not furloughed teaching staff in order to maintain a full service of remote learning should inspire confidence.

Keeping teachers working is also an investment for future educational provision.  I have said it before, but schools thrive on the strength of relationships they nurture between pupils and teachers.  Anything that undermines these bonds risks damaging the quality of learning.  As schools come out of lockdown, those with the strongest communities will be best placed to make rapid advances in pupil progress.

An active teaching staff and advanced technology will also enable schools to respond flexibly to ongoing disruption.  We are not going to see the coronavirus disappear over the summer holidays.  The government is aware that restrictions on school attendance are likely to continue well into next year.  Remote learning will be most effective when guided by teachers who have developed expertise in technological applications.

Schools must remain driven by their moral purpose to deliver an education of excellence to all their pupils.  To inspire confidence, they must have the courage, resources and creativity to fulfil their commitment whatever the external circumstances.  But more than that, they must nurture a united community of teachers and parents whose perseverance knows no limits to ensure the success of the children.

If you would like to discuss how Radnor House Sevenoaks can future-proof your child, please contact our Director of Admissions at

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