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Learning to be social is an important function of schools.

News this week has been encouraging with regard to a potential reduction of restrictions in September.

Easing bubbling and self-isolation requirements will have a significant impact on the experience of our pupils.  The country needs to recognise the sacrifice made by young people since March 2020.  They are the section of our population at least risk from the virus, yet they have paid a heavy price through lockdown.  Our pupils have not suffered the same academic consequences as many young people in the country.  They have, however, had to endure an unprecedented level of social isolation from their peers.

Children need to be among other children, of all ages.  Learning is a social experience and learning to be social is an important function of schools.  We need to interact to develop the skills to collaborate and avoid conflict, understand each other and build empathy, and feel connected for positive mental health.

Next year, we shall re-double our efforts to create an environment rich in social interaction for all.  We do this as a community, a community united by our values and a commitment to provide our pupils will all they need to thrive in school and the world beyond.

Our community provides connections and support in which we all learn to appreciate our shared goals, build empathy, and celebrate the strength of relationships we forge: We open our minds to learn from each other, respecting each other’s differences and showing the humility to accept other points of view.  For our pupils, the happiness and confidence derived from a strong support network empowers them to take courage and strive for greater success.  It inspires them to follow their passions and discover themselves.

Working together stimulates innovation and growth and provides reinforcement for positive behaviours.  Along the way, we may fail together or succeed together, but we should always have fun together and persevere to achieve our ambitions.

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