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Children's Mental Health Week

This week we have celebrated Children's Mental Health Week with the theme of 'Express Yourself'. 

Children's mental health week could not have come at a better time to raise discussions on mental health and positivity. 

Teachers ran workshops on mental health, guided meditation, yoga, art and dance along with assemblies for all years about how to talk about mental health and where they can find help online as well.  

In one workshop, toilets were turned into all manner of things, from a frog to a smiling man which guaranteed smiles on everyone's faces! 

Pupil's performed pieces of music and dance for their peers and had a presentation on positive affirmations, culminating with Friday's activity- dressing up in clothes that they felt best meant they could 'express themselves'. 

See below for lovely comments from our Prep pupils about their fellow classmates after their Express Yourself Music assembly. They truly showed how being part of a community and supportive of the friend's surrounding them can increase happiness. 

To read about our Head Teacher Fraser Halliwell's blog on pupil's mental health, please click   here.

We are so proud of our school community for being so open and encourage every member to reach out to us whenever is needed. 

This week has been the best ever...thank you to all the teachers!

Prep student

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