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Struggling to motivate your children to get outdoors? Give them a medal!

Some children have within them an unquenchable thirst for challenge and adventure and will jump at the very mention of a Sunday afternoon walk. Unfortunately, others need more persuasion!  

Philippa Lang, Head of Radnor House Prep, discusses ways to motivate your children to enjoy the outdoors!

With the half term holiday just around the corner, you might be wondering how to motivate your sofa-surfers to get outside, and out of their comfort zone. We all know it's good for their bodies and minds, and The Outward Bound Trust has gathered a wealth of  evidence showing improvements in health, happiness, curiosity, creativity, resilience, and engagement in environmental issues. 

While thinking about something different to do with my own family this half term, I came across a brilliant website - The idea is that you choose a virtual challenge for your family to complete. For example, you could tackle all 26.2 miles of the London Marathon! 

With the support of an app, you and your family complete the challenge virtually. You can run, walk, swim or cycle - anywhere you like - with the app leading you along a virtual route. The challenges vary from a 5km to 50 mile route and you can complete them in one go or break them down into stages. When complete, you award a special medal to your child for their achivement! Each challenge costs around £20 (one medal is included in that price) but if you spread it across a number of days, that seems like a fair price for hours spent enjoying a healthy, family activity, without the nagging!

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