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Make a Difference - Our Day of Action

Imagine a school where your child is encouraged to understand the world around them….

Radnor’s commitment to community service is extensive and underlined by our annual ‘Make a Difference Day’ (MaDD) which sees the whole school (less those studying for exams) volunteer a whole day of service to charitable and voluntary organisations around us. 

Many of our children will naturally come from leafy suburbs and comfortable homes but as we all know, life is not always quite so easy for many people.  It is interesting to reflect on the sheer number of community support organisations within a few miles of Sevenoaks.  And, this year for MaDD 2024 we are supporting causes ranging from child disability centres to care homes to wildlife refuges with virtually every child, colleague and parent engaged in some way to support.

The older I become the more connected I feel to the community I live in and, having moved to Kent almost ten years ago, what I love most about this corner of Britain is its variety.  From the Lamborghini dealership in Sevenoaks to the food bank in Westerham, I have always been struck by the social diversity of its population.  MaDD is our chance to teach those same lessons to our pupils and I am delighted that the scheme continues to enjoy significant support across the school.

We all know that education is not simply about exercise books and tests, real education feeds the whole child and helps them understand who they are and their place in the world.  Our commitment to community action extends from MaDD through to service programmes in the Sixth Form, volunteering opportunities for Year 10s and 11s, and school-based activities like our forthcoming Porchlight sleep out to mark their 50th anniversary. 

Thank you to all the parents, staff and local organisations who supported MaDD 2024!

PS, If pure altruism doesn’t quite win you round, we can also point to extensive research showing the link between community service and improvements in mental health.  Not only does charitable work help to improve one’s connection with an area it also fosters meaningful relationships and helps to develop a real sense of purpose.  Like all good ideas, the ripple effects are extensive and continue into a child’s wider life.

David Paton, Head

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