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Choosing the right school for your child

All parents want a great school for their child; one that will motivate them, with outstanding teaching and facilities to match. 

Here are 5 tips to help you choose the RIGHT school for your child:

  1. Shared aspirations: Meet the Headteacher – do they have an inspiring vision for the school and do their values match yours? The long-term partnership and bond between home and school must be as strong as possible. Does this partnership feel authentic?

  2. Whole child: Academic excellence is key, and provision should be personalised to the child. Communicate your child’s interests, for example performing arts, STEM, or outdoor education, to understand the quality in those areas. A school should nurture all aspects of a child’s development, so be sure all experiences are aligned to allow your child to thrive.

  3. Seeing is believing: Get a true sense of the school on a tour; look for the interactions between pupils and teachers. Engage with current pupils. Are they happy and confident?  Sense the atmosphere – it should be tangible and excite you. 

  4. Practical factors: Think about distance, bus routes, family engagement, fees, wraparound care, holidays, and the working week – do they fit in with your family’s life?

  5. Holistic judgement: Does the school “feel” right to you now and into the future? Your child’s needs will vary over time, so you must feel confident that the school is sufficiently flexible and innovative to meet the needs of a changing child and world.

Finally, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Communication should be open and clear. Your child only has one go at their schooling, so don’t leave it to chance!

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