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We work to put into action aims and objectives stated in both the New Framework and the Examination Specifications but in particular to develop our student’s enthusiasm and appreciation for Mathematics.

Our Aims are to develop in students:

  • A positive attitude towards Mathematics
  • An appreciation of the place and use of Mathematics in society together with the ability to apply Mathematical knowledge and understanding to solve problems which may arise in their own lives
  • An appreciation of pattern and relationship in Mathematics

We believe that all pupils should have experience of all areas of the mathematics curriculum irrespective of ability. Although we may centre our work around one particular NC level in any one year, we also introduce particular topics from higher levels if we feel our students will benefit from being exposed to these topics over several years.

In teaching Mathematics we try to be aware of two elements—’pure’ and ‘applied’. In pure mathematics we are concerned with the study and complete understanding of mathematics irrespective of practical application. We aim to encourage an application of beauty and power through awareness of pattern and structure. In applied mathematics we are concerned with our pupils acquiring the knowledge and skills which are directly relevant to their present and future lives. Our pupils must be numerate so that they will be able to handle everyday situations with confidence and apply their mathematical skills to other subjects.

In all our work we aim to help pupils to think clearly and logically and to teach them in such a way that enables them to approach mathematical problems with confidence and enthusiasm.

Key Stage 3: Years 7-8

In Years 7 and 8 we follow the topics listed in the New Framework. We follow the White Rose Maths scheme of learning and some of their supporting materials.

High priority is given to the understanding of the process skills and application. Functional skills are integrated throughout. Within each topic there is extension material to stretch pupils.

Key Stage 4: Years 9-11

Years 9 - 11 follow the Edexcel Linear GCSE 9-1 course which is assessed by three examination papers, one non-calculator and two calculator papers. The exams will be taken at the end of Year 11. An opportunity to take the OCR Level 3 Additional Maths Qualification is also given to students predicted a grade 8 or above.

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