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Skills learnt in the English Department at Radnor House Sevenoaks Senior School prepare pupils for the world beyond the classroom.

English Language and Literature

Great literature is the keystone of a meaningful education and as such we aim to engender a love of reading through the choices of texts that we teach and the way that we, as teachers, talk about reading.  

We believe that all of our students should become confident and accurate writers and we tailor our study of the English language to build and develop accurate skills in spelling and grammar.

We value enjoyment and enquiry in our lessons, challenging our learners to think for themselves, to work hard and be praised for success while also responding to the expertise and support that we offer.

We believe that imagination is a vital force in creating flexible, adaptable and ambitious learners and we value creativity within our curriculum. We understand the value and importance of oracy as a skill which will help our students to become effective communicators and to develop their personal confidence.

Parents often ask us what they can do to help their child improve in order to succeed in English. Parental involvement is very much valued and encouraged in the English department at Radnor House Sevenoaks. We feel that parents can support their children and contribute to their education in a variety of ways. It is obviously beneficial if the students come from homes where books are read and valued, and where reading is sometimes a shared activity.

We would also encourage parents to become involved by regularly checking their child’s exercise books and assisting them in the achievement of their individual targets, by testing them on spellings, for example, or checking redrafted pieces of work. Another way of encouraging and assisting pupils is by making sure there is a good variety of reading material in the home, including a selection of different newspapers. We would also encourage parents to further their child’s cultural and general knowledge by regularly going to the theatre, joining and frequently visiting the local library and viewing and discussing together educational and appropriate television and films.



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