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Every year the Drama Department highlights the talents of our pupils through a variety of productions. These include annual whole-school productions of musicals, plays and comedies, as well as many examination performances, to which friends, family and students form a live audience.

Each performance is a celebration of the hard work, dedication and commitment that the pupils and the department have put into the process. Pupils from all years have the opportunity to be involved in performances.

Trips and Visits

An essential part of the curriculum is that pupils who study Drama visit the theatre! We organise a vast array of theatre visits and backstage tours, so that students can experience different forms of theatre first hand. Trips include visits to the West End and regional theatres in the South East.

Key Stage 3 Drama

Pupils have one lesson a week of Drama and explore a wide variety of text-based, thematic and devised topics in exciting and engaging lessons. These vary from issue-based units on bullying & homelessness, to exploration of modern & classical play texts, and exploration of themes and genres such as silent movies & horror. Pupils are assessed in both their practical and written evaluative skills within the subject.

Drama, at Key Stage 3, focuses on developing six fundamental qualities:

  • Control
  • Creativity
  • Concentration
  • Co-operation
  • Co-ordination
  • Communication

GCSE Drama

At GCSE level pupils have five lessons across our two-week timetable and enjoy expressing themselves in an active and exciting way:

  • Working in a group
  • Contributing ideas and taking on board those of others
  • Exploring ideas by putting themselves in other people’s shoes
  • Playing many parts in different imaginary situations
  • Looking at plays and attending performances

A level Drama and Theatre Studies

At A level, students have five lessons per week and develop their acting ability before moving on to undergraduate level at university.

The aims of the course are to:

  • Promote an enjoyment of and an interest in Drama and Theatre, both as a participant and as an informed member of the audience.
  • Extend the skills, knowledge and understanding needed to communicate through Drama and Theatre

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