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Sixth Form

Our Sixth Form students are ambassadors for Radnor House and are expected to dress and behave in a way that reflects the high standards we seek to achieve. The uniform lists have been adapted in order to enable our school to make suitable provision for any student who wants to make a considered choice about their uniform.

  • Radnor House black fitted jacket and tailored skirt suit or plain trouser suit in black, navy blue or charcoal grey.  Horncastles ( is our preferred supplier.  If skirts are worn, they must be tailored, loose-fitting or pleated and just above knee length or longer
  • Smart open neck blouse (any colour) or button shirt (any colour).  Must have sleeves
  • Sixth Form tie if worn with trouser suit
  • An appropriate knitted jumper (no hoodies or sweatshirts)
  • Black or navy winter coat
  • Patent or plain black shoes (polishable), no leather trainers
PE Kit
  • Radnor House open neck games polo, maroon and white or Radnor House button neck games polo, maroon and white
  • Radnor House tracksuit
  • Black baselayer top (optional)
  • Black baselayer leggings (optional)
  • Short white PE socks
  • Trainers for sport (no fashion trainers)
  • Correct sporting equipment for chosen activities

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