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Music Scholarships

Music Scholarships will be awarded at Year 7, Year 9 and Sixth Form to those candidates, both internal and external, who show an outstanding ability in Music. 

Holders of a Music Scholarship will make a considerable commitment to the Faculty and show additional dedication to Music through their co-curricular interests.   It is expected that successful Year 7 and Year 9 Music Scholars will take Music at GCSE and for Sixth Form Scholars they will be expected to participate actively in the Music performances at school. Applicants should have an interest and general aptitude in Music and will have been progressing in line with ABRSM, Trinity, Rock School or other recognised graded examinations, prior to their application.

As a guide we would normally expect the following, although applicants should not feel dissuaded from applying if these benchmarks have not yet been achieved:

Sixth Form - Sixth Form Music Scholars (both internal and external) are likely to have already achieved a Grade 6 in one or more instruments and grade 5 in Music Theory;

Year 9 - Those entering Year 9, either internally or externally, can apply for a Music Scholarship and we would normally expect successful candidates to have achieved or be working towards their Grade 4 examination in one or more instruments and be strong in Music Theory;

Year 7 - Accurately assessing those entering the Senior School at Year 7 can be more challenging to gauge but often successful candidates will have achieved or be working towards Grade 2 or 3 examination in one or more instruments and be competent in Music Theory.

Scholarships will be reassessed annually, and their continuance is subject on the successful candidate exhibiting satisfactory commitment and attitude towards their own progress.

Whilst the following opportunities are open to all of our students, there is an expectation that scholars will fully immerse themselves in our wide-ranging enrichment programme. All scholars will meet half-termly with Mrs Owen, Head of Scholarships, to discuss their involvement in the enrichment activities.

In addition to receiving support towards achieving music grades and awards, Music scholars will participate in regular soirées and celebrations of their musical talent in assemblies and school concerts. They will also be expected to take part in the annual ISA Music Competitions and in any workshops offered. Finally, they will have the opportunity to attend concerts/events outside of school, such as at Glyndbourne.

The application process is as follows:

1) Internal and external candidates wishing to apply for a Music Scholarship should complete the application form.  External candidates should meet the standard entry requirements for entry to the school.

2) During the week following the normal entrance tests, potential Music scholars will be asked to attend the Music Scholarship assessment at Radnor House and perform one or two pieces of their choice lasting not more than 10 minutes.  

3)During the assessment, music scholarship candidates will have an informal interview with the Subject Lead for Senior Music to talk through their experiences and motivations.  Candidates will also be assessed on their knowledge of music theory. 

Application deadlines and assessment dates can be found here.

The Subject Lead for Senior Music is happy to discuss scholarship applications and answer any questions at any time.

Expectations of a Music Scholar

  YEAR 7-8 YEAR 9-11 YEAR 12 & 13
MUSIC All scholars would be taking part in co-curricular Music groups, engaging with the Music excellence programme and the school musical productions All scholars would be taking part in co-curricular Music groups and school musical  productions, concerts and events and will take Music GCSE.  It is expected they will have instrumental lessons to support their study of Music All scholars would be taking part in co-curricular Music groups, supporting the school productions,  taking Music A level and supporting their subject by engaging with additional solo instrumental lessons in addition where possible.  They must advocate for the subject and support the faculty at internal and external events.

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