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Academic Scholarships

Pupils who are awarded an academic scholarship will be the intellectual leaders of their cohort, they will be highly curious of the world around them and have a proven track record of achieving excellence across a range of subjects.

Year 7 and Year 9 Academic Scholarships

Academic Scholarships are available for all Year 7 and Year 9 pupils, whether they are internal or external candidates.

For all internal Year 6 pupils moving from the Radnor House Sevenoaks Prep School to the Senior School, the results of their Senior School (Year 7) entrance academic assessment will be used to award academic scholarships. 

All external candidates who sit the Year 7 and Year 9  admissions assessments are automatically considered for an academic scholarship and decisions will be based on the outcome of the admissions tests, interview and reference.  Candidates do not need to complete a separate application for an academic scholarship and there is no further assessment to complete. 

Whilst the following opportunities are open to all of our students, there is an expectation that scholars will fully immerse themselves in our wide-ranging enrichment programme. All scholars will meet half-termly with Mrs Owen, Head of Scholarships, to discuss their involvement in these opportunities.

The enrichment programme includes entry into National competitions such as the UKMT Math Challenge, Science Quest Award, BBC Young Reporter Competition, Young Writer’s Award and Poetry by Heart Award, Oxbridge College and ISA Essay Competitions to name just a few. Guest speakers visit the school to share their experiences of a fascinating range of careers and endeavours and on Friday lunch times a member of staff delivers a ‘Scholarship Talk’ about topics beyond the curriculum. Students are taken on multiple trips to museums and other experiences to enhance their classroom learning in the UK and abroad over the course of the year.

Sixth Form Academic Scholarships

For Internal Year 11 pupils, the offer of a Sixth Form Academic Scholarship will be made in March/April of Year 11 to those pupils who show considerable academic potential.  Awards will be based on performance in the GCSE Mock Examinations, November Assessments and overall performance in Behaviours for Learning.  The school will increase this to an Outstanding Academic Scholarship, worth a minimum of 20% off the tuition fees, if the pupil achieves an outstanding set of results.

External Sixth Form applicants will be considered for an academic scholarship (worth 10% off the tuition fees) based on their GCSE results and an Outstanding Academic Scholarship (worth 20% off the tuition fees) if the pupil achieves an outstanding set of results.

Scholarships will be reassessed annually, and their continuance is subject on the successful candidate exhibiting satisfactory commitment and attitude towards their own progress. 


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