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29th November 2019

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Whole School News

Colds and Viruses

We have had a reported case of mumps in the Senior School.  Mumps is a contagious viral infection and is most recognisable by the painful swellings in the side of the face under the ears (the glands).  Other symptoms of mumps include headaches, joint pain and a high temperature, which may develop a few days before the swelling of the glands.

Mumps is spread in the same way as colds and flu: through infected droplets of saliva that can be inhaled or picked up from surfaces and transferred into the mouth or nose.  A person is most contagious a few days before the symptoms develop and for a few days afterwards.  During this time, it is important to prevent the infection spreading to others, particularly teenagers and young adults who have not been vaccinated.  Let your GP know in advance if you are going to the surgery so they can take any necessary precautions to prevent the spread of infection.

We have had children off sick with colds and viruses over the last few weeks.  To help prevent viruses spreading, please remind your children to: Regularly wash hands with warm water & soap, Use & dispose of tissues after use and avoid school as advised by the NHS after symptoms first develop.

Co-Curricular Clubs and Activities- Spring 2020

With the Autumn Term coming to a close, I hope you will join me in thanking the Radnor House staff, both internal and external, for providing such a breadth and depth of clubs this term.  With regards to the timeline in the build up to the co-curricular provision for next term, here are the key times and dates.

Friday 6 December- All Clubs & Activities for the Spring Term will be advertised in the Friday Bulletin.

Monday 9 December- SOCS Co-Curricular sign up will open at 6pm.

Sunday 15 December- SOCS Co-Curricular sign up will close at 6pm.

During the sign up window, pupils can be added or removed from clubs or activities, which will include Expeditions, Wrap Care and the Sevenoaks Shuttlebus.  After the sign up window has closed, pupils may still be added to clubs, but cannot be removed (unless requested).  Please may we ask that parents do not sign their child up to any clubs without their agreed consent, it is vital that they select clubs that they wish to attend.  It is very important that parents and pupils try their SOCS login before the sign up window to ensure that it is working and their are no login issues.

SOCS Sign-Up

Please follow this link.  The login page asks for the name of the school.  Make sure you click on Radnor House Sevenoaks (not Twickenham).  Your username is your son/daughters school email address: eg.  Your generic password will be sent out separately.

Once you have logged in, I would advise that you alter your password, via 'Settings' and write it down.   It is also important to note that if a club is listed as FULL for the term, you should email to request to be placed on the waiting list.  Your child will be given a place for the following term.   It is also worth noting that if a club is very under-subscribed, it may not run.  In the event of this occurring, the pupils and parents will be informed.

Pupils who are currently participating in a paid club will be automatically enrolled for the Spring Term, however, if they no longer wish to participate in the club, they can be removed during the sign up window.  Any pupils who are currently on a waiting list for a club that they missed out on in the Autumn Term will be automatically placed in the club for the Spring Term, however, if they have had a change of heart, they should remove themselves from the club during the sign-up window.

If you have any queries about the Co-Curricular clubs, please email Mr T. Green, Assistant Head Co-Curricular at

Clubs and Wrap Care During the last week of term 9-13 December 

Please be advised that Co-curricular Clubs will not run during the last week of term.  Wrap Care will be available all week except for Friday when all children must be collected at their normal pick up times.

Burns Night Gala Dinner - Saturday 25 January 2020

Tables are selling quickly for David and Jo Paton's Burns Night Gala Dinner.  This is sure to be a fun event of bag pipes, dinner, live band, dancing and general fun during gloomy January.  To book tickets, please follow this link.  If you have any queries about the event, please contact Louise Lay (

Christmas Jumper Day - Friday 13 December - £1 Donation

All monies raised will be split between Save the Children and the RH7 Charities.  

Christmas Trees

Stonepitts Farm will make a donation of £2 per tree purchased through them to RH7 which we will split between our House Charities.  They will also make a donation for all trees sold to Help for Heros.  Please click here for more information.

Radnor Swim School - January 2020

Please see attached important information about the Radnor Swim School lessons.

Lunch Menu

Next week's menu can be found here.

Nursery and Transition News

Christmas Fair

Please see attached letter for full details.

EYFS Nativity

The EYFS Nativity Performances will be held on Wednesday 4 December and Friday 6 December in the Prep Hall.  Refreshments will be served in the Prep Gym from 8.30am and the performances will start at 9.30am.

Reception News

Christmas Fair

Please see attached letter for full details.

EYFS Nativity

The EYFS Nativity Performances will be held on Wednesday 4 December and Friday 6 December in the Prep Hall.  Refreshments will be served in the Prep Gym from 8.30am and the performances will start at 9.30am.

Re-Scheduled Flu Immunisation - Monday 20 January 2020

Please find attached letter the school has received from the NHS.

Parents' Association - FoRH7

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