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7th October 2020

Please click below for this week's news.

Whole School News

Health Declaration Form

Please see the attached Health Declaration Form for pupils attending school next week.  We ask that this is completed by Sunday 11 October.  Thank you.

Combe Bank Drive

Unfortunately we have received some complaints from our neighbours regarding reckless driving into/out of and along Combe Bank Drive.  Please could we ask that all parents/carers proceed with caution along the drive and ensure that they adhere to the speed limit ensuring that we are considerate to our neighbours .  Please may we also politely remind parents/carers to use the drop off and pick up in the parent carpark and to not park in the Staff Car Park.

Request for children to miss sports lessons

If your child is unable to participate in a sports lesson whilst in school due to injury of illness, please could you email with the information as to why your child/ren should be excused from their sports lesson.

Sponsored Fancy Dress Walk

Due to COVID restrictions, we will not be able to run this year’s Make a Difference Day.  In lieu of this, the Sixth Form will be running an on-site sponsored walk for all Senior School students on Friday 16 October to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Trust.

The walk will take place throughout the day so that the various year groups remain in their year bubbles and only miss one lesson.

Students are invited to wear Halloween fancy dress or wear the charity colour of green.  The cost of entry is £2 which should be brought in on the day in an envelope and will be collected at the start of the walk.  The Sixth Form are planning the route and will act as marshals to support the subject teachers who will also accompany the pupils on the walk.

The planned times for the walk for each year group are as follows:

Period                                                                       Year Group

1                                                                                   Year 8

2                                                                                   Year 9

3                                                                                   Year 10

4                                                                                   Year 11 (PE)

5                                                                                   Sixth Form

6                                                                                   Year 7

7                                                                                   Senior School Assembly

If the weather is very poor, we will be unable to run the event – though we will still enjoy being in our fancy dress of charity colour for the day.  I hope that you are able to support this event to raise money for MacMillan whilst also allowing the students to have enjoyable end of half-term event.

Many thanks,

David Leddington, Head of Sixth Form

House Cross Country

Our annual House Cross Countries take place during games afternoons next week with the following year groups on the following days:

Monday 12 October- Year 10 Boys and Girls

Tuesday 13 October- Year 11-13 Boys and Girls

Wednesday 14 October- Year 7 Boys and Girls and Year 8 Boys and Girls

Thursday 15 October- Year 9 Boys and Girls

Please may I ask that your child wears their House t-shirt for the day, (if they have one), or their normal games shirt.  Running spikes may be worn for the event, or normal trainers will suffice.

It would be advisable that, as per any games session, a named water bottle is brought in.  The course is approximately 1.8 miles and is relatively flat with one short hill.  Rest assured that the races will be run in individual year groups and with separate races for boys and girls.

Please can all pupils make sure that they also have their football boots/shin pads (boys) and mouthguards/shin pads/ hockey sticks (girls) as one half of the games afternoon will be the current normal sport.

Good luck to all Houses!

School Photos

Don’t forget to place your order by Tuesday 13 October to take advantage of FREE DELIVERY to the school.  After this date, a delivery charge may apply. 

Please click here to access the images, using your login details on your contact sheet, which has been sent home with the pupils this week.  You will then be taken through your gallery where you can view and purchase the images. 

Any queries please call 01252 728457 or email


On Friday 9 October we will be celebrating World Mental Health Day.  YOUNGMINDS have put together some resources to raise awareness.  We are not fund raising for this as a school, but you can donate, if you wish, through the YOUNGMINDS website here.

All students will be doing activities in form time this week to raise awareness of mental health and explore resilience and kindness, which will support what they learn in PSHEE throughout the year.  On the actual day, (Friday 9 October), students will be allowed to wear a yellow accessory.  This can be hair accessories, gloves, scarves, wristbands, nail varnish etc.  No full pieces of clothing like T-Shirts or trousers please.

Black History Month Music Listening Calendar

Some students in Years 8 and 9 have had an opportunity to watch the BBC4 documentary Black Classical Music: The Forgotten History.  This is available until the end of the month on BBC iplayer here for those who have not had this opportunity in school.  In addition, this year the music department is challenging you to listen to a different piece of music that was written or performed by a black composer every day of the month.  Click here to access our powerpoint, these are artists that you may not have heard of, but who have definitely impacted the musical world!

Wearing of Earrings in School

We have had a number of children coming to school with earrings who are not confident to remove them for their PE lesson.  The uniform code states that “Pupils with pierced ears may wear small plain gold or silver stud earrings, only one in each ear. These must be removed for PE. Ears should only be pierced in the summer holidays so that the 6-week healing time can take place outside of school.”  If your child has had their ears pierced, please ensure that they can remove their studs, or if not, that they do not wear earrings to school on PE and games days.  After half term, we will no longer allow the children to tape their earrings for games lessons as this still leaves them vulnerable to injury. Pupils with earrings in who are unable to remove them will not be allowed to take part in PE and games.

PE/Games Kit Notes

Please can all children from Year 3 upwards (prep and senior) ensure that they have their long black school PE socks and shin pads available for all PE and games sessions this term, as well as a gumshield if currently learning hockey. They cannot take part in large amounts of their lessons if they do not have these items as it would be unsafe for them to participate. For prep children, it would be most helpful if they could bring their shin pads, gum shields and football boots to school with them on a Monday morning and leave them in school for the week.

Pupils also must not wear leg skins to school without a skort or shorts over the top. These skins should be Radnor House uniform skins only.

School Uniform

We are aware that some parents have had difficulty in purchasing the official RH7 sports tops from Horncastles due them not being able to obtain deliveries from overseas quickly enough.  To assist parents in the current COVID environment, we are looking into the possibility of a temporary black airtex  polo shirt with the RH7 logo for wearing  during this period.  Please be advised that these would not replace the official RH7 Sports Tops and are an interim short term solution only. 

The cost of the polo shirt will be £10 and will only be available to purchase through the school.  Horncastles will not be stocking these. To enable us to gauge interest as to how many t-shirts are required and if it will be viable to offer this temporary solution, please complete and submit this form by Monday 12 October to register your interest.                                                                     

Clothes Collection

Some of our year 12's are putting together a clothes collection for Uganda.  It would be much appreciated for any old clothes and/or shoes to be donated for those in need.  There will be a box under the bus stop in the main car park from 8-8:20am and 4-4:20pm on both Tuesday’s and Thursday’s.  We also ask for the clothes and shoes to be donated in plastic bags, labelled with the name and year of the child.  Any further donations for the shipping cost would also be welcomed!

Thank you!

Touch Typing TTRS

In our current circumstances, we are not able to offer these sessions within school.  However, Susie Pepper is able to offer online support for pupils who wish to develop this really useful life skill.  If you are interested in pursuing some support, please contact Susie on  We will of course have these lessons happening on site for mixed groups as soon as possible. 

Touch-Type Read and Spell

Please see the attached with details of the Touch-Type Read and Spell Half Term Holiday Course October 2020. 

Min Hancock - SENDco

Lunch Menu

Please see attached the lunch menu for next week.

Year 12 News

Year 8-13 Tutor-Parents' Evening - Tuesday 13 October

We have the  Year 8-13 Parents' Evening on Tuesday 13 October for which booking is now open and can be accessed at this link.

Please note that you will be meeting with one of the tutors, rather than both. You should have been told which tutor to select.

If you are unable to attend at any of the available times, please contact the tutors directly to arrange a meeting.

All meetings will take place via Teams, using your child/ren's account(s).
We look forward to seeing you, remotely, along with the pupils, then.

DofE Support 

Please may we ask that parents and carers check in with their young people to find out how their DofE is coming along.  Covid 19 has made life challenging in many ways, but the DofE have made several changes to make it easier to complete. 

With the bubble system at school it is more difficult for Mr Kemp to make regular contact with pupils in school.  Support from home will make a big difference when it comes to pupils completing their award and progressing to the next level, if desired. 

Mr Kemp will be speaking to all pupils before half term, where he will be able to answer any questions they may have.  Please direct any queries the pupils are unable to bring to these sessions to

Further information specifically for parents and carers can be found here

Year 13 News

Year 8-13 Tutor-Parents' Evening - Tuesday 13 October

We have the  Year 8-13 Parents' Evening on Tuesday 13 October for which booking is now open and can be accessed at this link.

Please note that you will be meeting with one of the tutors, rather than both. You should have been told which tutor to select.

If you are unable to attend at any of the available times, please contact the tutors directly to arrange a meeting.

All meetings will take place via Teams, using your child/ren's account(s).
We look forward to seeing you, remotely, along with the pupils, then.

Parents' Association - FoRH7


An incredible £28k was recently donated to our school charities from our fundraising events and efforts of last year.  Below is a summary of how those donations are making a real difference to the people and animals the charities support, their messages of thanks, and news of a new addition to the school ... Alfie the donkey.  Well done everyone!  


WEST KENT MIND (NEWTON HOUSE) – amount donated £5,136

Last year our donation enabled the Mum’s Support Group for mothers with post-natal depression or other mental health problems to run, many of whom refer to it as their lifeline.  This year our donation will fund their popular Music Wellbeing Group for a whole year.  Stevie Rice, Chief Exec WKM says "Thank you so much to everyone at Radnor who has supported us, and our very special thanks go to the pupils of Newton House who showed such creativity, passion and dedication with their fundraising"


Last year our donation paid for residents to take part in sporting events, including ice skating and boxing which took place before lockdown.  With curling, boxing and a visit to the cyclo-park still to come once possible.  This year’s funds will be used to build a 3 sided open fronted pergola, giving residents a fabulous area in which to sit with visiting family and friends.  Lindo Addo, Service Manager says "The money that you have raised for us is amazing and has helped enrich the lives of all residents.  A massive thank you is extended to all of you" 


Foal Farm has been particularly badly impacted by the pandemic.  They say "We really cannot thank you enough for your dedication to our cause.  We are supported by a handful of local schools, but Radnor House is truly the most determined and generous.  As a thank you we would like to give a complementary sponsorship of Alfie the donkey and a VIP tour for some students once that's possible"  The money we have donated to Foal Farm has gone towards the general running costs of the 300+ animals they offer sanctuary to, such as food, bedding, vet bills and the renovation of the dog runs. 

BRADBOURNE RDA (CHURCHILL HOUSE) – amount donated £4,737

Last year's funds enabled a wide cross section of their disabled riders to participate in a number of fun and competitive events including HIckstead, where the team won two trophies.  Being able to compete gave a huge boost of confidence to the riders.  This year the centre had to close in lockdown, but still had to feed and maintain the ponies, and the money we have been able to donate has been invaluable.  Sarah Fenn, Chairman of Trustees says "We have particularly enjoyed the children’s letters and photos during lockdown, especially to hear about growing carrots – our ponies treats!  Thank you so much, we are so appreciative of the time, hard work and creativity of staff, parents and children" 


Chosen by the pupils last October, this charity is incredibly supportive and close to many people’s hearts, even more so this past year with cancer diagnosis and care under so much pressure.  Our community support of this charity has been even more relevant and fitting with the sad loss of our Head of Prep, Beth Ingram-Cordrey.  We are so pleased, as are Macmillan, that we could make this significant donation.


RH Namakoko was also forced to close during lockdown, but their teachers’ salaries would have gone unpaid if it wasn't for our donation.  Only year 7’s in Uganda are being allowed to return to school this year, in order to sit exams to progress to secondary school.  Our funds will help to pay the returning teachers salaries, as well as hand-washing stations, school cleaning requirements and a hand held thermometer.  Seeds will also be purchased for the market garden which our school volunteers created last October, and which has proved invaluable during the lockdown.  PLM are also working to provide books and other materials to support learning at home.  Anne Lotter, founder of PLM says "Thank you so much to everyone at RH Sevenoaks for the fantastic achievement of raising the funds for PLM in these very challenging times we are all facing" 

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