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Our children’s learning and mental health depend on robust digital solutions in lockdown

The news continues to be dominated by coronavirus and the statistics seem determined to move in the wrong direction.  We must all play our part to keep our communities safe and healthy.

If the worst happens and we are faced with another lockdown, schools must be ready to flip to an online provision with immediate effect.  Last summer, Radnor House Sevenoaks continued to provide an excellent education.  We shall not allow our pupils to fall behind in their learning and we shall continue to nurture the positive relationships that exist between pupils, teachers and parents.

Microsoft have improved their applications since last summer, especially in the functionality of Teams.  As a result of this and other innovations, our school will be able to deliver ever more engaging learning experiences, in real time, with teachers accompanying children every step of the way.

Schools must have the courage to invest in digital tools and skills for learning.  In lockdown, our children’s future opportunities and mental health depend on them.

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