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Artificial Intelligence

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Education

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been making its mark in the education world for some time now.  At Radnor House, we use AI to allow teachers to be more focused in their support for individual pupils. For example, in Mathematics automated exercise bookmarking software has been used to offer personalized learning for pupils. In English, AI has been used to improve and practice reading fluency, allowing teachers to improve their efficiency and connect better with pupils. 

Recently, AI models like ChatGPT have gained widespread recognition. ChatGPT, with its remarkable natural language processing capabilities, has sparked interest and raised a few eyebrows at the same time. It is one of the most advanced AI language models available and it is certainly worth trying. 

As educators, we must consider the implications of AI in schools.  

Some educators advocate implementing regulations on the use of AI in schools, specifically regarding standardised test conditions like GCSEs and A-levels. While this may seem like a reasonable concern, it is important to note that exams are typically administered in an invigilated room reducing the possibility of malpractice. Some experts also suggest reducing written homework to decrease the opportunity for plagiarism. 

Others are calling for a complete ban on AI technology in education! 

Not only would it be difficult to enforce, but it would also deprive students of valuable resources and opportunities for learning and communication. Instead, it may be more effective to focus on teaching responsible and effective use of technology, as well as incorporating opportunities for developing oracy, collaboration and communication skills into the curriculum. 

By finding a balance between the use of technology and traditional teaching methods, we can provide pupils with a well-rounded education that prepares them for the digital age. 

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