At Radnor House Sevenoaks we know the importance of ensuring you leave us as well-rounded and confident young people, whom are thoroughly prepared for the realities of the outside world.

Part of achieving this lies in providing you with opportunities to take part in activities outside the normal curriculum.

There are sports of all types, music, drama, dance, debating, opportunities for employment and training, Duke of Edinburgh, along with those skills you might need in later life ranging from driving safety, First aid training to cooking on a budget and managing your finances.

We also run a Sixth Form specific PHSE&C programme designed to ensure your personal well-being. The Sixth Form Centre is a superb facility providing an excellent working environment. A majority of Sixth Form specific lessons are taught in the block. there is an independent study area with an ICT facility and a new industry standard media suite. Your Sixth Form meeting and assemblies take place in a dedicated conference area and there is a large common room and catering area for you to use when you are relaxing