"The quality of pupil's achievement and learning is excellent." ISI/Ofsted Inspection Report, 2015

The Radnor House Sevenoaks Senior School aims to build happy, confident and resilient young people who are equipped for the challenges of modern life. The academic pace of the school is brisk and pupils are expected to achieve highly as a result. The end goal is for all pupils to aspire to join the best universities and art colleges in the UK and abroad, having studied a range of high quality and challenging GCSE and A level courses.

Successful Radnorians possess equal parts high academic qualifications and outstanding interpersonal skills and above all a keen sense of integrity and a finely tuned moral compass. 

Transition to Senior School

The transition to Senior School is an exciting and significant event for your child, but can also be somewhat overwhelming.

Students joining Radnor House Sevenoaks in Year 7 are instantly made to feel at home in their new environment and comfortable as they adjust to secondary school life.

Pupils at Radnor House Sevenoaks often talk about the sense of family in the school. We are a close knit community and this is evident in the way pupils from each year group support each other. Older students act as Peer Mentors to the younger children and Sixth Form students are linked to each year group to offer support and provide role models.


Radnor House Sevenoaks offers outstanding facilities for all of our students. Each pupil benefits from our safe, spacious campus which enables a rich variety of activities.

In addition to our existing provision, we continue to make substantial investment in new facilities. Our new STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Centre was opened in September 2017, providing us with new technical spaces and three bespoke laboratories.

We have also recently opened a new, purpose-designed Music and Performing Arts Centre with an adjacent Music room for GCSE and A level students.

An outstanding education in a beautiful setting allows each of our students to realise their potential and gives them many different opportunities to learn.

Pastoral Care

Your child’s welfare and happiness is our number one priority. A happy child is one who will thrive, who will grasp opportunities to learn and develop and who will become a confident and well-balanced young person.

The pastoral care at Radnor House Sevenoaks is second to none. Every child is known personally and tutors make regular contact with parents to ensure a strong home-school partnership.

As the pressure on children continues to increase through 24 hour social media, public image expectations and exam stress, we recognise that children require more not less assistance from the school. In addition to the form tutor, pupils are further supported by Heads of Year, Heads of School Sections and the Pastoral Administrator.

School Trips

Trips around the UK and abroad are an important part of the enrichment opportunities we offer at Radnor House Sevenoaks.

Visit our trips section for further details of previous expeditions.

Public Responsibilities

Pupils are given regular opportunities to take on leadership roles.

Each form has two Form Leaders who represent their peers at School Council. Here pupils set the agenda and raise issues that affect their school experience.

In addition, Year 7 organise a fantastic Special Persons’ Tea where VIP guests are hosted by the pupils and provided with a scrumptious tea. These leadership opportunities develop as pupils go through the Senior School culminating in a volunteer service during Year 11 at Valence, a Westerham school for disabled children.


During their time in Lower School, pupils are encouraged to learn about the world of work and consider different career areas.

Upon joining the Middle School, in Year 9, pupils are given the opportunity to start their own business. Groups of pupils are given a small budget by the school, they develop their ideas, ensure it is costed and marketed appropriately and then sold. Throughout this year and into Y10, pupils learn about entrepreneurialism and gain a deeper understanding of different career paths.

Year 11 sees pupils undertake careers profile testing using the COA Preview Test. This online questionnaire matches up interests and strengths with potential career areas, some of which the pupil may not have been previously aware. The test also cross references potential career areas with A level subject choices; a very valuable tool ahead of entering the Sixth Form. The Careers Programme builds up to our annual Networking Evening where we invite between 30-40 professionals from different employment fields to meet our Year 11 pupils in a relaxed and informal setting. Prior to the evening, we circulate biographies of each professional for pupils to read and they are encouraged to introduce themselves, ask good questions and hopefully make a contact for the future. We encourage each pupil to arrange a Professional Experience Day in a specific place of work that is of genuine interest to them.

The School Day

The school week runs Monday to Friday with six periods each day.

  • All Senior School pupils can enjoy a cooked breakfast each morning (served from 7.45am) at no extra charge
  • Registration is at 8.20am
  • The school day finishes at 4pm
  • All Senior School pupils can stay for Homework Club (4pm to 5.30pm). This is provided at no extra charge and there is no need to book
  • Wrap care (from 7am to 7pm) is available at additional cost. Please click here for further details

The Radnor House Sevenoaks Lunch

All pupils enjoy lunch in the Senior School dining hall. The menu is extremely varied with students being able to choose from a wide variety of hot and cold food, freshly prepared on site each day.


The school currently operates four different bus routes serving the local area, plus a shuttle to Sevenoaks station for pupils taking part in afternoon clubs. Please visit the Transport section to view the complete bus timetable and price list.