Welcome to the Radnor House Prep School, where you will find happy, friendly and dynamic pupils, engaged in all aspects of their learning.

We deliver an exciting, engaging curriculum which enables every child to seize every learning opportunity, allowing them to blossom into well rounded individuals who can thrive at challenges presented to them.

We create an atmosphere where the children are known and supported by our dedicated and passionate staff, providing an educational experience which is both challenging and fun, recognising effort as well as achievement.

We constantly embed our Radnor House Values of Respect, Perseverance, Courage and Excellence, fostering and developing children to fulfil their full potential and become confident, independent lifelong learners, understanding the value of commitment and successful learning.

There are also many co-curricular activities allowing pupils to further enhance and develop skills in addition to the school curriculum and we are incredibly fortunate to have such amazing facilities and surroundings.

We pride ourselves on having a real family feel, with real family values. We strongly believe in forming partnerships with parents and you are actively encouraged to be involved in your child’s education, so that together we can enable your child to reach their maximum potential.

With the privilege of having wonderful pupils, parents and staff, the Prep School creates an environment that captures the curiosity, enthusiasm and ambition we know to be in every child. 

Beth Cordrey

Head of Prep School